Sisley Skinleÿa Anti-ageing Lift Foundation

Sisley Skinleÿa Anti-ageing Lift Foundation


Sisley Skinleÿa Anti-ageing Lift Foundation, $230.


Anti-ageing foundation is one of the biggest makeup trends this year, and this new offering from Sisley combines efficacious botanicals with a unique melting cream-gel texture for a semi-matte finish.

All Wrapped Up

Oat extract works like an invisible cling film on the skin, tightening sagging muscles and smoothening lines from the time of application to when it’s washed off. Amazingly, we found that it also gives our face sharper contours while looking virtually invisible.

Wake-up Call

Tourmaline micro-crystals increase micro-stimulation within the skin so that tired complexions regain a healthy, pink radiance, while a vitamin A derivative works as a gentle, daily exfoliant for a smoother surface. An energising boost for tired skin.

Youth Revival

Powerful anti-ageing botanicals such as alkekengi calyx, willow leaf and einkorn wheat extracts work below the skin’s surface to limit ongoing processes in the dermis like glycation, which attacks the collagen and elastin fibres, causing skin to age prematurely.