Friday, 22 February 2013 17:37 | By Marianne Wee-Slater

Cocooned in Comfort

Chinese herbs and fresh blossoms make this whitening cream a pampering treat.

Cocooned in Comfort

The Product:

Kenzoki Whitening Cocooning Cream, $105, and Whitening Cheering Lotion, $50.

The Scoop:

Kenzoki’s first-ever whitening skincare line fuses top-of-the-line skin-brightening research and the brand’s signature touch of Asian-influenced sensuality.

The plum blossom star

The star ingredient of this whitening skincare line — which comprises the Whitening Cheering Lotion and Whitening Cocooning Cream — is the Whitening Plum Blossom Essence. Fused with vitamin C, the extract of the plum blossom has a powerful effect on hyperpigmentation from deep in the melanocyte cells to its delivery to the skin’s surface.

Backed by Tradition

Huang qin, a Chinese medicinal herb with anti-inflammatory properties, and sunflower extract are included to help skin protect itself from external stresses that trigger melanin production, as well as prevent the glycation process in the dermis layer that causes the roughening and yellowing of the skin as we age.

The Soft Touch

The soft, velvety and refreshing formulas of both the lotion and cream not only revitalise the senses, but also rejuvenate and clarify the skin from inside-out. A clinical study conducted on 31 Asian women showed a whopping 68 per cent increase in skin luminosity after eight weeks of applying the cream, in addition to a petal-soft, plumped-up texture.

Artwork Matilda Au

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