Thursday, 27 December 2012 15:16 | By Charmaine Ho

Strap These On

Watches take their turn on trends with straps that change with the seasons.

Strap These On

Why the decision to theme watch straps according to the fashion seasons?

We have a strong asset in Linea, which is its interchangeability. For us, [this asset] was evident. But it was not so evident to the end consumer, the journalists and the general public. So we decided to continue the story of Linea with a new automatic edition and to also communicate the collection’s interchangeability. The best way to do this is through different coloured straps based on the fashion trends and to [tie it in with the brand’s] story of seaside living — the sunrise; the sunset; the colour of the ocean. It was a great opportunity for us to show that it is possible to change the look of Linea very easily. It only takes you 10 seconds to change your strap.

How many colours will there be in each collection?

There are three colours for the Spring/Summer 2012 collection. It does not make sense to have 10 colours every day, every year. So we will have two or three colours in each collection we launch, like in the current collection.

How do you decide on the colours?

We work with agencies that specialise in trends for colours, materials, architecture and sometimes even for cars, as it is important to know what [the “It”] colours will be. We have the trend timeline for the future. But we are not a fashion brand so we decided to pick more discreet colours for [the Spring/Summer 2012] collection.

Might the association with trends and colours turn Baume & Mercier into a fashion brand in consumers’ minds?

These straps are fashionable but fashion is not our main objective. We don’t sell the watch with the strap; we sell only the strap. It is an addition to the collection; an accessory. We sell the watch only with the metal bracelet and one additional strap that women can choose the colour of. So yes, this touches [the world of] fashion a little but at the end it is necessary because [the collection] is for women. No? [Laughs]

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