Updated: 09 July 2014 07:30 | By Denise Ngo
10 biggest turnoffs on a guy’s Facebook profile

How your social media habits can prevent you from getting a date

How your social media habits can prevent you from getting a date
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There are plenty of reasons women turn down a man: he’s irresponsible, he’s still hung up on his ex-girlfriend, and…his Facebook profile makes him look like a terrible boyfriend candidate. It’s not rocket science: if your statuses are constantly depressing, then people are going to judge you as a depressing person. If more than half of your photos are of you canoodling with various women, then people are going to think that you’re a player.

As much as we’d like to argue that Facebook depicts only what we want to show, and not who we really are, people will continue to take what you post at face value. We all know that even our most glamorous or happily-married Facebook friends have their own problems, but that doesn’t stop us from feeling envious while surveying their seemingly perfect lives. While a guy’s not necessarily a narcissistic d-bag just because he posts three gym selfies a day, most girls won’t bother fighting that impression while scrolling through the hundreds of other posts on her news feed.

So if you can’t seem to find a girlfriend, you might want to considering tweaking the following things on your Facebook profile (or just not adding us on Facebook altogether).

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