Updated: 20 June 2014 18:15
10 flirting mistakes men make

How to make her want you

Man kissed by two girls (© Sam Edwards/Getty Images)
  • Man kissed by two girls (© Sam Edwards/Getty Images)
  • Mean leaning over woman closely (© Image Source/Getty Images)
  • Woman looking unimpressed listening to man (© Diane Diederich/Getty Images)
  • Man leaning in talking in woman's ear (© Getty Images)
  • Man opening car door for woman (© Getty Images)
  • Man with lipstick mark on face (© Radius Images/Corbis)
  • Woman looking jealously at a couple (© Massimo Merlini/Getty Images)
  • Man looking at phone (© STOCK4B-RF/Getty Images)
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Spotting Miss Right across a crowded bar is only half the battle. Get your initial approach wrong and you’ll end up going home alone – and her phone number will be in some other guy’s pocket.

Read on for 10 flirting mistakes to avoid if you want to get (and keep) the girl…

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