16 November 2012 07:00
10 reasons to avoid dating a metrosexual guy

The nerdy journalist in Of Love & Hidden Charms is smitten with her metrosexual colleague. Here’s what we’d warn her about if we could.

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Text: Denise Ngo
Photos: Getty Images

In the webseries Of Love & Hidden Charms, dorky xinmsn lifestyle writer Christel (Rebecca Lim) falls head over heels for Marcus (Romeo Tan), the hunky sports journalist whom she suspects is supplying her with anonymous tips. In addition to being handsome and charming, Marcus is a far better dresser than any sports writer we’ve come across in real life. While the stereotypical journalist jock would show up at the office in a football jersey, Marcus struts around wearing sweater vests, burgundy suits, and sunglasses (indoors!). Did we mention that he also has perfectly coiffed hair?

While Marcus proves a bit of a rake, we can understand what Christel sees in him. It’s a common fantasy to be found in the arms of a real-life Ken doll. At the same time, we’d warn against putting metrosexual guys on a pedestal. They might be better-dressed and more well-groomed than the average fellow, but they’ve got their share of faults too. Like fancy cars, fancy guys need more maintenance than you have time for.   

Not that we have anything against metrosexual guys in particular, but here’s what to look out for if, like Christel, you have a tendency to go after them:

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