04 April 2014 17:15 | By Denise Ngo
10 reasons women think you’re creepy

How to not make women feel uncomfortable

How to not make women feel uncomfortable
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Being labeled a creep is the worst thing that can happen to a single guy looking for love. You can be come off as dumb, arrogant, or vain and still attract women. But once they find you creepy, well, your chances with her significantly dwindle (more often than not, to nothing).

So what does it mean to be creepy? While lots of guys complain that only “ugly” dudes get labelled as creeps, or that it’s a woman’s fault for being too sensitive, the onus is on you to reform your behaviour. Just because you weren’t trying to be a creep doesn’t mean you didn’t creep a girl out.

Women are primed from their youth to always be on the alert. We don’t expect all guys to be evil, but if something about you pings our “danger” radar, well, there’s simply no bypassing that. Being creepy boils down to one thing: making other people uncomfortable. Not only do you violate their space, but you refuse to back off.  So either you’re unable to read social cues, or you just can’t take no for an answer. Either way, you’re not getting anyone’s phone number tonight.

If you find that women tend to get shifty around you, it might be for one of these reasons:

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