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14 February 2014 07:00 | By Karen Khng
10 romantic things girls can do for guys on Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, here's a chance to celebrate your love the old-fashioned way.

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Doing something nice for someone you love is back in fashion, and not in a commercial, spend-a-lot-of-money sort of way. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, here's a chance to celebrate your love the old-fashioned way.

In case you've forgotten, Valentine’s Day is not a boy-does-something-for-girl day alone. Appreciation works both ways. Depending on his love language, your ages, cultural background, relationship age, receptiveness to emotional and physical demonstrations of love, and degree of risqué, there are ways to romance him even he won't dare forget.

Actions speak louder than words

Before you get all psyched, remember that a man's definition of romance is in a category of its own. Sure, they may seem permanently unromantic but they are sentimental. They just aren't sentimental all the time, nor specifically on Valentine’s Day. In recent times, Valentine’s Day has become a high-stress day, a day of obligation even. "How much should I spend? Will he be irritated or thrilled if I whisked him away somewhere? If he's too relaxed, will he just snooze V-Day away and waste my efforts? What if I don't do enough?"

Whatever you decide, don't just hug him and say "love you, babe" today. That's lost its original "pow" a long time ago and has been downgraded to a platonic "love you, love you back" friendship type of SMS. Instead, pick a series of to-dos and show how deep your love is.

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