11 January 2013 17:02 | By Denise Ngo
10 signs your boyfriend is a real man

10 signs your boyfriend is a real man

10 signs your boyfriend is a real man
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Text: Denise Ngo
Photos: Denise Ngo and Getty Images

As a writer, I visit a lot of interesting venues, but it was only during xinmsn’s visit to Hello Kitty Town in Malaysia’s Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park that I actually broke down into total fangirl mode. Never before had a locale elicited such squeals and tomfoolery. There was a studio for creating Hello Kitty-themed manicures! There was a Kitty Mansion, complete with a Sanrio kitchen, bathroom, and walk-in closet! There was even an evil castle, featuring the unlikely juxtaposition of Hello Kitty and the occult. Would the wonders ever cease, as long as I were in this awesome place?

Even though the park was designed for families with small children, I couldn’t help but think that this was the perfect place for – dare I say it – a date. I mean, you could definitely kill half a day just taking photos. There’s food and air conditioning for when you need a rest. Granted, most boyfriends and husbands I know would be opposed to such an excursion, but the ones who went ahead with it (at their girlfriend’s request) would enjoy a lifetime’s supply in brownie points.

Anyway, it's 2013. If a grown woman with more than a quarter of a century’s years behind her can act like a giddy fool in Hello Kitty Town, then why can’t a guy surrender some of his “manliness” to accompany her while she does that?

Click through our gallery to read more about why a real man would take his girlfriend to Hello Kitty Town, as well as more unlikely things that make a guy manlier in our eyes. 

In addition to being the first Hello Kitty theme park outside of Japan, Sanrio Hello Kitty Town is also just one of the attractions in Malaysia’s Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park. The park also includes The Little Big Club, dedicated to kid pop culture icons like Barney the Dinosaur, as well as LAT’s Place, a themed restaurant based on Kampung Boy.

Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park is now open to the public.

Visit playtime.com.my for more information on ticketing and directions.

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