23 November 2012 06:45 | By Denise Ngo
10 taboo relationships you should avoid

The worst people to invite into an affair or a forbidden romance

10 taboo relationships you should avoid (© Getty)
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Text: Denise Ngo

According to the laws of romantic dramedies, forbidden relationships are doomed to fail. At least that’s how it’s being set up for Marcus, the journalist in Of Love and Hidden Charms who sucks face with his boss while wooing another colleague.

Granted, some affairs end in happily-ever-after, but if the majority of them crash and burn even on TV, how likely are they to work out in real life? For Marcus, the move is extra risky as it could cost him his job, his credibility, and his chances with other women.

We won’t deny the thrill of hanging out at the precipice of disaster, especially when you’ve got good company. But relationships don’t take place in a vacuum. Every stolen kiss, every night spent at a motel, could ruin the lives of spouses, children, and colleagues involved.

 If you’re going to engage in forbidden love, think again if it’s with one of these people.

Of Love and Hidden Charms airs exclusively on xinmsn every Monday and Thursday.

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