Updated: 03 December 2012 10:15
10 ways to seduce your female colleagues

7. Praise her work

10 ways to seduce your female colleagues (© Getty)
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7. Praise her work

If there’s one thing that we hate, it’s when our male colleagues comment on our appearance or dress. Women have fought so hard for equal rights in the workplace that it feels like a step backward to be complimented for our looks rather than for our accomplishments. So no matter how great you think she looks in a pencil skirt, hold back until things have gotten going. Before dating her, you need to demonstrate that you respect her as a colleague. Tell her that you like the ideas she gave at the company meeting. If she’s a writer, read her articles. If the boss praises her in front of everyone, congratulate her on a job well done. Don’t overdo the flattery, but be genuinely appreciative of what she does.

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