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02 May 2014 16:15 | By Karen Khng
11 best things about dating a younger man

What you should know about dating younger guys

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People hook up with all sorts of folks for all sorts of reasons these days. Few things are taboo anymore - having a baby before marriage is no longer a reputation buster, nor is a significant age difference.

There's no off-the-shelf formula for a true love match. And a person four years your senior, per the Chinese Almanac traditions, cannot himself guarantee you lifelong bliss. In fact, stats from U.S. census reports from 1960 to 2007 say that more men now marry women who are five years older than they do with women who are at least five years younger. And, that trend has bucked its American roots.

Love and companionship with younger guys is entering a new dawn here in Asia. In fact, it's not just women who have tagged themselves liberal—some men actually dig mature Aphrodites. They don't want you to look or act like their mom, and they don't want to hear about your genetic code damaging his but they're willing to love you all the same. So why would a woman date young meat when there are lots of “vintage” meat pies available? Well, future Mrs. Robinsons, dating a younger guy may be fraught with red flags, but it has its place in the sun.

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