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04 April 2014 07:15 | By Karen Khng
7 reasons to let go of your unrequited crush

Why it's high time you said goodbye to that decade old deep crush

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  • Young couple, woman looking at man (© Getty Images)
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Most of us have had crushes at one time or another in our lives. Some crushes are better than others. The best ones are those where you gush, groan that it isn't mutual, then some time passes and you forget about them because there was nothing to remember it for. Crushes are meant to be just that. Nothing more, nothing less. It's not meant to turn your life upside down. Its role is to give you a little high and re-acquaint you with giggling all over again. And when it isn't reciprocated, whisk you back to your weekly reality. But then there are those that we carry around for years, cursed by the crush on an ex lover you've been hoping would wake up on the right side of bed and choose you. But alas, he never does.

Deep crushes
Such crushes are hard to let go. We're talking deep, deep crushes that last way too long, outliving their expiry date. Aha, the pain of a romantic attraction or relationship that ran its course and now refuses to reignite its fanned out flames. We over glorify glory days with ex lovers at life's lows. We dream of that better space and time. But nothing we think, do or say changes their minds about us. We are their buddies now. We can count on them and they'll help us when they can, but they would never touch us, kiss us, date or marry us.

Unrequited crushes are serious maladies. We fall in and out of love in life. But sometimes we go back in time and obsess over the need to reclaim the one we've lost. We know reciprocity is off the table yet we lack the emotional bandwidth and pragmatic maturity to let them go. Here's why it's about time you let that decade old deep crush crumble into thin air.

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