17 November 2012 10:15 | By Karen Khng
8 more reasons people cheat

8 more reasons people cheat

8 more reasons people cheat
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Dead end’s curve

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. No matter what your reasons are for straying and how comfortable are with them, know that you risk losing everything you’ve put in blood, sweat and tears for. If you can, don’t introduce distrust in a relationship, it’s a muddy place to be. Cheating takes you down a dead end in most cases and whether you accept it or not, it is a decision that scars permanently. If your relationship is over, don’t drag it out and allow your inner demons to get the better of you. Give the one you used to love the freedom to love again, without you.

Karen Khng is Managing Director of Love Script International. Find Love Script at www.love-script.com or info@love-script.com

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