17 November 2012 10:15 | By Karen Khng
8 more reasons people cheat

8 more reasons people cheat

8 more reasons people cheat
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3. Boredom

But boredom isn't as shallow as it sounds. It probably does get dead boring and the actual routine of same old, same old is worse when lived by the day than when penning it down.

Over half a century, people will job hop, put on weight, change interests and attitude. You’re literally be having sex with a different person of the same name. But the irony is it can still get boring although the one you love hasn’t stayed the same. Love means acceptance of things that thrill you about your partner as well as the things that don’t. Choosing not to makes the front door your best friend and mind-mapping an exit strategy as your contingency plan.

Of course, if you both can live with the excitement of introducing new lovers into your relationship equation and not being worry about either of you being addicted to someone else’s body, then good on you. But there comes a day when other swinging partners or jealous lovers may ask you to choose. Then you’re back to square one all over again.  

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