17 November 2012 10:15 | By Karen Khng
8 more reasons people cheat

8 more reasons people cheat

8 more reasons people cheat
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5. Hormones

Most people are genuine when they promise to stay faithful. But hormones are to blame for avowing monogamy then crossing over in a split second lapse of judgement. Cheating involves sexual desire, romantic love and attachment, brewing a potent cauldron of “I am willing to compromise and risk hurting my existing relationship.”

Sexual desire is intense, powerful, and involves lustful, sexually passionate feelings. Its mastery is in clouding one’s judgement and encourages risk taking. It’s often tied to physical appearance, novelty and “chemistry.” And while it steers a person’s actions in the right direction early in a relationship, the intensity can be difficult to maintain with that same person over time. Romantic love is a complex set of rational and irrational feelings. It includes hormonal attraction, attachment, feeling “in love” as well as a decision to love and commit. Being attached to someone gives us a feel good sensation of security, comfort, stability, certainty, safety and a certain “emotional high.”

In a perfect world, your partner is the benefactor of all three emotions. But, alas, when it comes to decisions on love and betrayal, logic and reason don’t always win.

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