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29 July 2014 07:45 | By Karen Khng
9 reasons couples move back in with their parents

Why more couples with kids are shacking up with their parents

Moving back home
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Why is old fashioned, three-generation family living becoming popular all over again? Isn't generational progress one where self sufficiency becomes the defining factor? Isn't it your time now to raise your kids your way and do all the things you couldn't do when your parents were in charge?

Government incentives aside, it looks like more families with kids are opting to stay with grandparents compared with their younger, married, childless peers who value couple privacy and freedom.

But not all grandparents are created equal. Some are downright irresponsible, perennially naggy and abusive. Others are Sunday dinner-only grandparents, who demand the keys to your house but never show up invited or otherwise, who insist on naming every new grandchild, who would immediately say no to full time grandkid help if you asked them. Here, we're talking about grandparents who are the super heroes of tomorrow, those you can live with without splitting too many hairs, who ask for few grandparent liberties, who try give the grandkids a better quality of life without adding to your stress, the ones who happily and unselfishly offer their time to make your life a little easier.

Let's take a look at the different reasons why this three-generation way of life is here to stay.

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