07 March 2014 07:00 | By Denise Ngo
A matchmaker's guide to finding love in Singapore

Lunch Actually founder Violet Lim reveals what unhappy singles are doing wrong (and how they can change)

Lunch Actually founder Violet Lim reveals what unhappy singles are doing wrong (and how they can change)
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At one point or another, everyone who’s been unhappily single has asked himself the question, “Is there something wrong with me?” Or at the very least, “Is there something wrong with what I’m doing?”

While some people would cite their singleness to the lack of eligible partners, Violet Lim, founder and CEO of Lunch Actually Group, Asia’s first and largest dating company, would argue otherwise. As someone who’s engineered countless happily-ever-afters, Violet believes that finding love is mostly a numbers game.

“Logically, out of 10 people you meet of the opposite gender, you’d want to get to know five of them better and the feeling is mutual,” Violet told xinmsn in a discussion about long-term singleness.  “Out of the five, you go on dates with four. Out of four, you go on more dates with two or three. Hopefully from these dates, you would meet ‘The One.”

“That’s a very optimistic scenario,” she continued. “But the problem is, most singles don’t meet 10 people of the opposite gender in a month, or even worse, a year. So what are the chances that they’ll actually meet ‘The One?’”

That’s where a little intervention comes in. In her years of bringing people together, Violet has gleaned plenty of wisdom about finding a life partner. And yet, the dating scene still continues to surprise her. A recent intimate profiling study conducted by eSynchrony, an online dating/matchmaking hybrid owned by Lunch Actually Group, found that 50 per cent of people in Singapore are open to cohabitation before marriage, while another 50 per cent would prefer that their date or future partner have sexual experience. (But if that sounds surprisingly liberal, consider that only 28 per cent of Singaporeans are comfortable kissing on the first date, an even scanter 12 per cent said they would go to bed with someone on the first date.)

With all these new findings coming out, what can a clueless single person do to get attached? Lucky for us, Violet was more than happy to discuss what singles in Singapore are doing wrong, and how they can change their situation.

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