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29 May 2014 17:15 | By Karen Khng
What happens when kissing stops

How neglecting to kiss can affect your relationship

How neglecting to kiss can affect your relationship
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Is kissing natural or learned behavior? Ripley's world records say the world's longest kiss charted 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds by Thai lovebirds on V-Day 2013. Without a snack break? Woah, impressive!

is a powerful emotional connector, learned or not. In fact, a first kiss is often hailed as being "more magical" than losing your virginity, unless it was "true love" sex of course. Although the average person supposedly kisses for about only two weeks of their life, scientists say a kiss is so much more than just a kiss. They even assign a pretty hefty 5-in-1 job description for ole Smooches here - from being a calorie burner (passionate kissing burns 6.4 calories a minute), a stress buster, cholesterol cutter, blood pressure dipper and a jaw exerciser (French kissing uses 34 face muscles vs a pucker up kiss that only uses two) in a way the fine muscle art of gossiping just can't compete with.

Research says kissing helps prequalify if the frog you're smooching is indeed dating and mating material, making it a primitive screening device for healthy sperm and good genetic material but a popular mate detection tool. Used frequently as an alternative to saying "I'm sorry" (for those whose find it hard to), it also doubles up as a forgiveness band aid. It has the unequivocal power to create intimacy and works wonders with your hormones to create a "love conquers all" mentality.

If kissing works miracles, why does it make you a basket case when you overdose on it? And why does it put relationships at risk when the weekly participation rates drop? Isn't some "muawh" better than none?

Building an unbreakable bond takes more than sex and kisses. It's not uncommon for it to slide off the weekly top 10 to-do list. Kissing stops for many reasons.

Here's the truth about kissing and what happens when it back pedals a little.  

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