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Why it's great being single!

Rise of the single woman

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  • A woman painting a ceiling (© Getty Images)
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If you're a single gal, you may feel like you're in the minority amidst the crowds of lovey-dovey couples, but you're not alone. A significant rise in single occupancy homes in recent years indicates that more than 30% of men and women are lapping up the single life in bachelor or bachelorette pads. Women are no longer prepared to settle for second-best just to flash a sparkler on their finger, Dubberley says. "Today, women are actively choosing to stay single and their standards are getting higher. It used to be the case that women thought 'right, I've hit 30, I'd better get married or I'm going to be a spinster'. Now, women are being more selective and aren't afraid to say 'I don't want him because he's an alcoholic or I don't want him because he's got a beer belly and man boobs!' "Women are less inclined to settle for any bloke just for the sake of being married."

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