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Why it's great being single!

Losing your single status

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Die-hard singles who have become accustomed to the highlights of 'me, me, me' living may have challenges ahead. When you start seeing someone after months or years as a singleton, your new man could mean big changes. "It can be difficult to adapt to a relationship as a long-term single, particularly if the other person has been single for a long time too," Dubberley says. "It's important to compromise and be prepared to make a few changes to your life if you do meet somebody. But if you have to compromise yourself, it's probably not the best relationship to be in." The new beau may look like a hunk but don't make the mistake of seeing your new man 24/7.  Dubberley warns: "A lot of people who have been single for a long time attempt to spend every hour of the day with a new partner. When you first start seeing someone limit dates to a maximum of two times a week so that the honeymoon period will last longer - that way you won't feel like 'oh my god, my entire life has changed overnight'!"

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