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02 June 2013 07:15 | By Karen Khng
Why women dump good men

Why women dump good men

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What's often said? “Nice guys finish last.” A phrase all too commonly heard, unfortunately. The typical product life cycle of a good guy appears to be a linear one - once a good guy, always a good guy. What's not clear? Why good guys don't inspire "he's so nice, I must marry him," or "he's such a good guy, I wonder what he's like in bed" thoughts from any random woman.

Plain vanilla

In the opinion of many women, good guys tend to display vanilla characteristics, lack passion and exhibit little or no zest for life. They may be jokesters but they're not naturally suave. They aren't inherently gifted with an ability to melt a girl's inhibitions within the first 90 seconds of eye lock. They're often chivalrous and tend to be old fashioned romantics. And, they view men "who get the girls" with a mix of envy and disdain.

Armed with unrealistic romantic expectations and hoping for their heterosexual men to be fashion forward, women are often fussy about dating nice guys. Their urge to hitch may be tremendous, yet, ditching the keepers remain viable options in a time and space where meeting "the one" and sustaining that "great love" isn't quite so easy anymore.

Yes, women, even the good ones, dump good men. Some reasons are bona fide and beyond emotional control – like being on the rebound. Others are a tad more superficial. Love, like life, remains biased in selective practices and shrouded in irrational choices. So, what is it that makes women ditch good guys?

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